APPOLO project is a part of EC initiative I4MS (ICT innovations for manufacturing SMEs). The aim of this initiative is to integrate EU innovation and research activities with industry challenges.

APPOLO project aims to achieve this by creating the HUB of Application Laboratories for laser micromachining industry. The HUB will work directly with all value chain partners of laser processing: laser manufacturers, component manufacturers, laser system integrators and end users, including large global integrators of laser technologies.


Objectives of the HUB:


       prepare procedures for assessment service;

       manage and analyze of assessment projects;

       compare with alternative technologies.


HUB activities are intended to prepare:


       operational procedures for efficient assessment execution;

       high-quality assessment service;

o         assessment procedures

o         standards for assessment

o         certification of equipment

       attract potential HUB customers:

o         equipment suppliers looking for applications/validation;

o         end-users looking for solutions (equipment which can provide technology);

o         system integrators –specific requests they do not have possibility to test at home.

       pave a way for sustainable operation of HUB as laser technology service provider.

  HUB of Application Laboratories


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