X Reunión Española de Optoelectrónica OPTOEL 2017

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

12-14 July, 2017

Frontiers in Materials Processing Applications, Research and Technology FIMPART 2017

Bordeaux, France

9-12 July, 2017

APPOLO Summer School on Ultra-short Pulse Lasers Applications in Material Processing UPLAMP

Vilnius, Lithuania

3-7 July, 2017

FTMC (Organiser), BUAS, UPM, IOM, DG, OPI
CLEO Europe

Munich, Germany

26-29 June, 2017

Lasers in Manufacturing 2017

Munich, Germany

26-29 June, 2017

Lightmotif, Lasing, BUAS, FTMC, DG
18th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication

Toyama, Japan

5-8 June, 2017

FTMC (Chair), BUAS (Chair), NST
NIL Industrial Day

Berlin, Germany

2-3 May, 2017

IOM, Nanotypos
Industriales Research Meeting 2017 IRM17

Madrid, Spain

4-5 April, 2017

SPIE Photonics West 2017

San Francisco, USA

28 January - 2 February, 2017

Beat Jaeggi (BUAS), Beat Neuenschwander, Stefan Remund, Thorsten Kramer

Influence of the pulse duration and the experimental approach onto the specific removal rate for ultra-short pulses

Stefan M. Remund (BUAS), Beat Jaeggi, Thorsten Kramer, Beat Neuenschwander

Influence of the initial surface texture on the resulting surface roughness and waviness for micro-machining with ultra-short laser pulses

Bojan Resan (LUMENTUM), Raffael Auchli, Ronald Holtz
Dynamic fiber delivery of 3 W 160 fs pulses with photonic crystal hollow core fiber patchcord

Sara Lauzurica, Andrés Márquez, Carlos Molpeceres (UPM),  Laura Notario,  Miguel Gómez-Fontela, Pilar Lauzurica

Assessment of geometry in 2D immune systems using high accuracy laser-based bioprinting techniques


Lumentum booth #1917

Onefive booth #725

NST and SCANLAB booth #2223

ELAS booth #4469

EKSPLA booth #1133


Pack & Label Days 2017

Athens, Greece

27-28 January, 2017

Automotive Surfaces conference

Berlin, Germany

25 November, 2016


San Diego, USA

13-16 November, 2016

OSA Laser Congress, Laser Applications Conference

Boston, USA,

30 October - 03 November, 2016

BUAS, Onefive

Xian China

19-21 October, 2016

P. Gečys (FTMC), E. Markauskas, J. Dudutis, G. Račiukaitis Modern laser micro-fabrication: case of industrial implementation (Invited)

San Diego, USA,

16-20 October, 2016

BioJapan 2016

YoKohama, Japan

12-14 October 2016

The 12th International Congress Molded Interconnect Devices

Würzburg, Germany

28-30 September 2016

K. Ratautas (FTMC), Laser-induced Selective Metal Plating on PP and PC/ABS Polymers Surface
LANE 2016

Fürth, Germany

19-22 September, 2016


Brasov, Romania

29 August-02 September, 2016

P. Gečys (FTMC), E. Markauskas , S. Nishiwaki, S. Buecheler, R. De Loor, G. Račiukaitis

High-speed processing of CIGS thin film solar cells

Laser Optics 2016 conference

St. Petersburg, Russia

27 June - 01 July, 2016


Amsterdam, Netherlands

22-24 June, 2016

 FTMC, Nanotypos, Onefive
EU-PVSEC 2016 / Intersolar

Munich, Germany

21-24 June, 2016


Geneva, Switzerland

19-26 June, 2016

Automotive Interiors EXPO 2016

Stuttgart, Germany

15 June, 2016

Bio International Convention

San Francisco, USA

6-9 June 2016


 BOOTH 419

LASYS 2016

Stuttgart, Germany

31 May-02 June, 2016

NST                                                                             Hall 4 Stand B 72
Onefive                                                                       Hall 4 Stand A 58
EKSPLA                                                                        Hall 4 Stand E 34
ELAS                                                                           Hall 4 Stand C 74
LUMENTUM                                                                  Hall 4 Stand E 37
SCANLAB                                                                     Hall 4 Stand C 35
SISMA                                                                          Hall 4 Stand B 12
17th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication

Xian, China

23-26 May, 2016



Mindaugas Gedvilas (FTMC), Karolis Ratautas, Ina Stankevičienė, Aldona Jagminienė, Eugenijus Norkus, Nello Li Pira (CRF), Gediminas Račiukaitis

Quality characterization of electroless copper deposition on polymer after laser-Induced selective activation using colour-distance metrics


P. Gečys, E. Markauskas, G.Račiukaitis (FTMC)

High-speed laser scribing of CIGS thin-film solar cells (Poster)


B. Neuenschwander (BUAS), B. Jaeggi, Th. Kramer, Y. Zhang, St. Remund

Increasing the specific removal rate for ultra short pulsed laser-micromachining by using pulse bursts
Smart Laser Processing Conference

Yokohama, Japan

17-19 May, 2016

B. Jaeggi, M. Zimmermann, B. Neuenschwander (BUAS), G. Hennig (DG), R. Streube, B. Goekce, S. Barcikowski

Process parameter optimization for high speed and high quality surface structuring of metals with 100 W of average power and ultra-short pulses

EMRS Spring Meeting 2016

Lille, France

2-6 May, 2016

M. Ehrhardt, K. Zimmer, P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, E. Sánchez Cortezon


Processing of CIGS thin film with infrared nanosecond laser radiation

L. Bayer (IOM) Morphology and topography of Perovskite solar cell films ablated and scribed with ultrashort laser pulses (Poster)

International High Power Laser Ablation and Directed Energy conference

Santa Fe, USA

4-6 April, 2016

E. Markauskas (FTMC)

High Laser Pulse Repetition Rate Ablation of the CIGS Thin-Film Solar Cells (Invited)

SPIE Photonics West 2016

San Francisco, USA

13-18 February, 2016

A. Burn (BUAS), et al.

High throughput laser scribing of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells


A. Michailovas (EKSPLA), S. Frankinas, N. Rusteika (EKSPLA, FTMC) V. Smirnov, R. Vasilyeu, A. L. Glebov

Efficient ultrafast fiber laser using chirped fiber Bragg grating and chirped volume Bragg grating stretcher/compressor configuration


D. Munoz-Martin (UPM) C. Frederik Brasz, Ch. Yu, M. Morales (UPM), C. B. Arnold, C. Molpeceres (UPM)

Characterization of transfer regimes of high-viscosity silver pastes printed by LIFT

V. Markovic, A. Rohrbacher, P. Hofmann, W. Pallmann, S. Pierrot, B. Resan (LUMENTUM)

100W class compact Yb:YAG single crystal fiber amplifier for femtosecond lasers without CPA


Hybrid high power fs lasers (invited talk)


K. Ratautas, M. Gedvilas, I. Stankevičienė, A. Jagminienė, E. Norkus (FTMC), Nello Li Pira (CRF), S. Sinopoli,  U. Emanuele (BIOAGE),  G. Račiukaitis (FTMC)

Laser-induced selective copper plating of polypropylene surface

Swiss Photonic Workshop: Challenges for Swiss Amplifier and Delivery Fibers

Burgdorf, Switzerland

09 December, 2015

A. Braglia (OPI), Innovative fiber cables for short laser pulse delivery
Lasertagung Mittweida

Mittweida, Germany

19-20 November, 2015

Lightmotif, IOM
Appolo Workshop Swisslaser-net

Burgdorf, Switzerland

04 November, 2015

34th Int. Congress on Application of Lasers and Electro-Optics, ICALEO 2015 Atlanta, USA
18–22 October, 2015
B. Neuenschwander (BUAS), Laser Surface Structuring with 100W of Average Power and Sub-ps Pulses (M102) 
INFOMAT Day 2015

Neuenburg, Switzerland

13 October, 2015

G. Hennig (DG), High Resolution 3D – Microstructuring of large areas with ps-Laser
Advanced Solid-State Lasers 2015

Berlin, Germany

4-9 October, 2015

A. Rodin (Ekspla) Picosecond 1342 nm Nd:YVO4 Laser with 10 W Output at 300 kHz and Conversion to 671, 447, 224 and 192 nm
30th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, EU PVSEC 2015  Hamburg, Germany,
14-18 September, 2015

E. Markauskas, P. Gecys, G. Raciukaitis (FMTC), Ultrashort Laser Patterning and Electrical Shunt Evaluation of CIGS and CZTSe Thin Film Solar Cells (poster 3DV.3.28)


D. Munoz-Martin, Y. Chen, M. Morales, C. Molpeceres (UPM, Ekspla), LIFT Processes for Metallization of Silicon Solar Cells Using ps- and ns-Pulsed Lasers (oral 2CV.4.20)


S. Buecheler (EMPA), Special Introductory Presentation: Review on the Role of Alkali Elements in CIGS Thin Film Solar Cells (oral 3AO.6.1)

23th Annual Int. Conference on Advanced Laser technologies ALT’15 Faro, Portugal,
7-11 September, 2015

B. Neuenschwander, B. Jaeggi, M. Zimmermann, V. Markovic, B. Resan, K. Weingarten, R. de Loor, L. Penning (BUAS, JDSU, NST), High throughput surface structuring with high power sub ps laser in synchronized mode. (Invited LM-I-16)


M. Ehrhardt, P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, K. Zimmer (IOM), Non-thermal laser patterning of functional thin-films (poster LM-P-11)


A.M. Rodin, M. Grishin, A. Michailovas (Ekspla), High repetition rate picosecond and nanosecond 1342 nm laser for micromachining and high order harmonics conversion (oral LS-O-7).

11 National conference and meeting of Laser Association "Science and Technology"

Bebrusai, Lithuania
28-29 August, 2015
G. Astromskas (FTMC), BALTFAB open access facility and APPOLO HUB

V International School and Conference on Photonics

(Photonica 2015)

Belgrade, Serbia

24-28 August, 2015

B. Resan (JSDU), 100 W-class fs laser system based on hybrid laser technologies (Invited)
15th Nordic Laser Materials Processing Conference (NOLAMP15) Lappeenranta, Finland
25 - 27 August, 2015
H. Roozbahani (LUT), APPOLO – On-line monitoring and Real-time control in laser processing
Workshop “Optimierung der Prozessge schwindigkeit in der Lasermaterialbearbeitung Nuremberg, Germany
8 July, 2015
L. Penning (NST), Polygon Scanners – Capabilities, Applications and System integration considerations
Lasers in Manufacturing (LIM 2015)  Munich, Germany
22-25 June, 2015

D. Munoz-Martin, Chen Yu, A. Márquez, M. Morales, C. Molpeceres (UPM), Laser printing and curing/sintering of silver paste lines for solar cell metallization


K. Ratautas, M. Gedvilas, I. Stankevičienė, A. Jagminienė, E. Norkus, N. Li Pira, S. Sinopoli, U. Emanuele, G. Račiukaitis (FTMC, CRF, BioAGE), Selective Copper Plating on Polymers Induced by Laser Activated Fillers.


E. Markauskas, P. Gečys, G. Račiukaitis (FTMC), Evaluation of picosecond laser induced shunt resistance in CIGS thin-film solar cells.


A. Žemaitis, P. Gečys, G. Račiukaitis (FTMC), Picosecond laser modification of thin-film CIGS solar cell absorber layer for P2 micro-welding process.

Laser World of Photonics CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2015 Munich, Germany
22-25 June, 2015

A. Rodin, M. Grishin, A. Michailovas (FTMC, Ekspla)Efficient power scaling at 1342 nm wavelength with composite multiple Nd-doped vanadate crystal∙


V. Markovic, A. Rohrbacher, P. Hofmann, W. Pallmann, S. Pierrot, H. Ammann, B. Resan (JDSU), 160 W 800 fs Laser System without CPA for High Speed Surface Texturing

41-oji Lietuvos Nacionalinė Fizikos Konferencija (Lithuania National Physics Conference) Vilnius, Lithuania
17-19 June, 2015

A. Rodin, 10 W vidutines išvadinės galios pikosekundinis 1342 nm bangos ilgio lazeris sudėtinio kintamo legiravimo Nd:YVO4 kristalo pagrindu, (oral).


A. Žemaitis, E. Markauskas, P. Gečys, G. Račiukaitis,Pikosekundiniu lazeriu suformuotų rėžių laidžio tyrimas plonasluoksniuose CIGS saulės elementuose, (poster S2-4).

Automotive Interiors EXPO 2015 Stuttgart, Germany 15-18 June, 2015 N. Li Pira (CRF) Automotive Interior Surfaces: from aesthetic to functional effects
Northern Optics & Photonics 2015 (NOP 2015) Lappeenranta, Finland
2-4 June, 2015
G. Račiukaitis (FTMC), Assessment of equipment for laser-based (micro)manufacturing: success stories from APPOLO project (invited, industrial session)
LAMP2015, The 7th International Congress on Laser Advanced Materials Processing
LPM2015, The 16th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication
Kitakyushu, Japan
26-29 May, 2015

K. Ratautas, M. Gedvilas, I. Stankevičienė , A. Jagminienė, E. Norkus, N. Li Pira , S. Sinopoli, G. Račiukaitis (FTMC, CRF, BioAGE), Laser writing for selective copper plating on plastics for electronics applications


P. Gecys, E. Markauskas, A. Zemaitis, G. Raciukaitis (FTMC), Picosecond laser modification of CIGS active layer.


B. Neuenschwander, B. Jaeggi, M. Zimmermann, G. Hennig, K. Weingarten, B. Resan, R. de Loor, L. Penning, V. Markovic (BUAS, JDSU, NST), Power scaling into the 100W regime for surface texturing of metals with ultra-short laser pulses.

Nano4SME: Surface Technology

Leusden, The Netherlands

19 May, 2015

M. Groenendijk (Lightmotif) Ultrashort Pulse Laser Surface Texturing
E-MRS 2015 Spring Meeting - Symposium

Lille, France


A. Mįrquez, Y. Chen, D. Munoz-Martin, M. Morales, C. Molpeceres (UPM)

Laser curing of silver pastes for photovoltaic applications

UKP Workshop Aachen, Germany
22 - 23 April, 2015
G. Hennig (Daetwyler Graphics AG), Ultrafast Laser Beam Modulation and Delivery for Printing and Embossing Applications (invited)
SPIE conference, Optics & Optoelectronics

Prague, Czech Republic,

13-16 April, 2015

A.M. Rodin, M. Grishin, A. Michailovas (Ekspla), High Average Power Mode Locked and Q-switched Laser Operating at 1342 nm and 671 nm wavelength
13. Nationale Photovoltaik-Tagung 2015 Basel, Switzerland
16–17 March, 2015
A. Burn, C. Heger, S. Buecheler, S. Nishiwaki, A. N. Tiwari, R. Ziltener, D. Bremaud, L. Krainer, G.J. Spuehler, V. Romano (BUAS, EMPA, Flisom, Onefive), All-laser scribing for monolithic interconnection of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells Optimization, validation, and assessment for industrial production. (poster P1)
LEF 2015 Fürth, Germany
3 - 4 March, 2015
G. Hennig (Daetwyler Graphics AG), Ultraschnelle Laserstrahlmodulation und Strahlpositionierung in der Drucktechnik
SPIE Photonics West 2015
PW 2015 
San Francisco, USA
7 - 12 February, 2015

A. M. Rodin, (FTMC); M. Grishin, A. Michailovas, (FTMC, Ekspla); G. Chazevskis, (Ekspla); N. Ulevichius, (FTMC), High average power picosecond laser for selective material processing at 1342nm wavelength.


E. Markauskas, P. Gecys, G. Raciukaitis, (FTMC), Evaluation of electrical shunt resistance in laser scribed thin-films for CIGS solar cells on flexible substrates.


B. Neuenschwander, B. Jäggi, T. Kramer (BUAS), Burst mode with ps- and fs-pulses: Influence on the removal rate, surface quality, and heat accumulation.


M. Zimmermann, B. Jäggi, B. Neuenschwander, (BUAS), Improvements in ultra-high precision surface structuring using synchronized galvo scanner a laser system in MOPA arrangement.


M. Groenendijk (Lightmotif B.V), Machine technology for 3D microprocessing of complex curved surfaces (Invited),


P. Lorenz, (IOM); M. Klöppel, (Technische Univ. Dresden (Germany); M. Ehrhardt, K.-P. Zimmer, (IOM); P. Schwaller, (BUAS), Nanosecond laser-induced nanostructuring of thin metal layers and dielectric surfaces.


P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, M. Ehrhardt, K.-P. Zimmer, (IOM); L. Engisch, (SWG), Nanosecond laser-induced ablation and laser-induced shockwave structuring of polymer foils down to sub-µm patterns


M. Morales, Yu Chen, D. Munoz-Martin, S. Lauzurica, C. Molpeceres, (UPM), High volume transfer of high viscosity silver pastes using laser direct-write processing for screen printing of c-Si cells.


S. Brüning, G. Hennig (DG) Surface structuring of metals and non-metals for printing tools and embossing dies with an ultrafast ps-laser machining system (Invited)

Future Footwear Materials Conference Eindhoven, Netherlands
11 December, 2014
M. Groenendijk (Lightmotif), “Micro- and nanostructured polymer surfaces produced by injection molding into laser-textured molds”
33th Int. Congress on Application of Lasers and Electro-Optics, ICALEO 2015

San Diego, CA, USA

19-23 October, 2014

B. Jaeggi, M. Zimmermann, G. Hennig, M. Schmid, B. Neuenschwander (BUAS, DG), Influence of Particle Shielding and Heat Accumulation Effects onto the Removal Rate for Laser Micromachining with Ultra-Short Pulses at High Repetition Rates (M1104) ICALEO 2014
Int. Conf. on Photo-Excited Processes and Applications

Matsue, Japan

30 September – 4 October, 2014

G. Raciukaitis et al. (FTMC), Model of laser-induced polymerization using smooth varying intensity distribution.
M. Ehrhardt et al. (IOM), In situ measurement and comparison at laser scribing of CIGS thin film solar cell with rear side and front side approach
 29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Amsterdam, Netherlands
22-26, September, 2014
E. Markauskas, P. Gecys, G. Raciukaitis, I. Repins, C. Beall (FTMC, NREL), Laser lift-off patterning of kesterite thin film solar cells with picosecond and femtosecond pulses (poster)
8th International Conference on Photonic Technologies
LANE 2014
Fuerth, Germany
8-11 September, 2014

B. Jäggi, B. Neuenschwander, M. Zimmermann, R. De Loor, L. Penning (BUAS, NST), High throughput ps-laser micro machining with a synchronized polygon line scanner (Industrial)


M. Ehrhardt, P. Lorenz, A. Lotnyk, H. Romanus, E. Thelander, K. Zimmer (IOM), Pattern transfer of sub-micrometre-scaled structures into solid copper by laser embossing


B. Lauer, B. Jäggi, B. Neuenschwander (BUAS), Influence of the pulse duration onto the material removal rate and machining quality for different types of steel


P. Lorenz, M. Ehrhardt, K. Zimmer (IOM), Laser structuring of thin layers for flexible electronics by a shock wave-induced delamination process


K. Zimmer, X. Wang, P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, M. Ehrhardt, C. Scheit, A. Braun (IOM, Solarion AG), In-process evaluation of electrical properties of CIGS solar cells scribed with laser pulses of different pulse lengths


B. Neuenschwander, B. Jäggi, M. Schmid, G. Hennig (BUAS, DG), Surface structuring with ultra-short laser pulses: basics, limitations and needs for high throughput (Invited)

 SPIE Optics + Photonics/ Solar energy + Technology
Optics + Photonics 2014

 San Diego, USA

 August 17-21, 2014


C. Molpeceres(UPM): New strategies in laser processing of TCOs for light management improvement in thin-film silicon solar cells.

Influence of surface modification by laser beam interference ablation on characteristics of p-Si solar cells.

Formation of periodic structures on silicon by laser beam interference ablation technique for light control in solar cells.

Laser Optics Conference on Laser Optics
LO 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia

June 30-July 04,


Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum

Stutgart, Germany

June 24-25, 2014

Plastics Design & Moulding (PDM)
PDM 2014

Telford, UK

June 18-19, 2014


15th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication 


Vilnius, Lithuania 
June 17-20, 2014

FTMC -main organizer,



 SPIE Photonics Europe



Brussels, Belgium
April 14-17, 2014
Innovative Produkte und Verfaahren durch Einsatz ultrakurzer Laserpulse Rostock, Germany
March 4-5, 2014

 B. Neuenschwander (BUAS): Mikrostrukturierung mit UKP – Wege zur Optimierung der Prozesseffizienz und –qualität


C. Ritzenthaler (TBWP): High average power, high pulse energy picosecond lasers for material processing


L. Penning (NST): Ultraschnelle Laserbearbeitung mit Polygon Scanner Technologie


M. Groenendijk (LM): Process and Machine Technology for Micromachining and Surface Texturing of Complex Products

SPIE Photonics West 2014
PW 2014
San Francisco, USA
February 1-6, 2014

P. Lorenz (IOM) et. al., Laser-induced back side wet etching: further steps to application


B. Neuenschwander (BUAS); et. al.,Picosecond-laser bulk modification, luminescence and Raman lasing in single-crystal diamond


B. Neuenschwander (BUAS); et. al., High-throughput and high-precision laser micromachining with ps-pulses in synchronized mode with a fast polygon line scanner


A. Burn (BUAS) et. al., Optimized laser patterning for high performance Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar modules


P. Gecys (FTMC) et. al., Investigations of laser ablation processes in thin-films for photovoltaic applications


M. Morales (UPM), et. al., Study of a-Si crystallization dependence on power and irradiation time using a cw green laser


P. Lorenz (IOM) et. al., Laser-induced processes on the back side of dielectric surfaces using a CuSO4-based absorber liquid


AILU workshop "Power beam delivery and manipulation: achieving high flexibility and productivity with lasers"

Cambridge, UK
December 03, 2013

B. Neuenschwander (BUAS) keynote speaker:

High speed scanning of an ultra short pulsed laser for high throughput surface structuring

Automotive Surfaces conference

Berlin, Germany
November 26-27, 2013

N. Li Pira (CRF) invited talk:

OEM perspective: production challenges, cost savings and future possibilities of the embedded electronics movement

Jornada: Iniciativa I4MS – ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs

Bilbao, Spain

November 11, 2013 

C. Molpeceres (UPM)

APPOLO – Hub of Application Laboratories for Equipment Assessment in Laser Based Manufacturing



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